Time flies

Wow! I can’t believe there are less than 50 days left in my Freshman year of high school. When I look back and reflect on this first year it is amazing to see how all my hard work has paid off. I have kept a 4.0 GPA and I am one test away from being done with my AP class, as far as the content piece goes.

One thing in these past 130 or so days of high school that has really impacted me is the girls’ golf team. This year, I played on the golf team and if I’m being honest, I was pretty nervous to try out. I hadn’t been golfing for too long, but it was something I really enjoyed doing. When I made the team I was overjoyed, but little did I know how much the team would impact my life. The team decided to do something this season we called “Big Sis-Little Sis”. Every upperclassman would have a freshman that they gave rides to, give meaningful advice and occasionally would golf with. My “Big Sis” and I were extremely close throughout the season and she was really a person that helped me to grow morally. I was shocked by how tight-knit our team became, everyone had each other’s backs, on the course and girls’ golf program at Enumclaw High School is amazing and I honestly can’t wait for next season!


As exciting as all of this is, there are more important and exciting events coming up fast in my life. This June, I am going with my youth group on a mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. The mission trip is held by Youthworks, a company built by volunteers who give their time to leading mission trips. I have been on several of these trips, and they are truly life-changing.

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